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Mileage Reimbursement

What are Reimbursements of Personal Expenditures?

Reimbursements’ of personal expenditures refer to expenses incurred by an employee which will be reimbursed according to contractual arrangements between SCC and the Association of Municipal Employees, the Faculty Association or the Guild of Administrative Officers.

What is Mileage Reimbursement?

Reimbursement to an employee use of his/her private vehicle when doing college business reimbursement rate is stated in the AME Contract which is the current rate approved by the IRS.

Example: If a faculty member’s full-time duties require travel assignments at more than one (1) campus (i.e., location) per day, the faculty member shall be reimbursed for the mileage between assigned locations at the current annual rate (cents per mile). Please sign on to MySCCC and select the Budget & Finance tab. Then, on the bottom right side of the page, you are provided assistance for Auto Travel and Mileage Reimbursement. Select the appropriate choice.

The County shall make all reasonable efforts to issue checks for mileage reimbursements within twenty-one (21) days after submission of properly executed vouchers as prescribed by the County. In the event the County increases the mileage allowance for any employee group, this contract shall be deemed modified to reflect the increase.


Reasons for using personal vehicle:

  • split teaching load
  • attend meetings at other college locations
  • supervise students at off-campus locations
  • other college business (e.g. bank deposits)

Actual mileage reimbursements are governed by mileage chart maintained in the college business offices.

Mileage reimbursement claims should be submitted monthly. Department officials should not approve (and/or sign) any voucher with expenditures over three months old. Exceptions to this policy based on severe illness, military service, or emergency leaves of absence must be documented and will require written approval of the Executive Budget office before departmental sign-off for payment.

Employees may claim mileage only in excess of what they normally travel round-trip between home and official duty station, and it must be for service rendered to the County in a privately owned vehicle.

Procedures for Mileage Reimbursement:

  1. Complete Travel Expense Voucher.
  2. When number of trips exceeds XXXX, complete and attach to voucher “Statement of Automobile Travel”.
  3. Approvals Required: Department Head, Division Chair, Dean or Provost must sign Travel Expense Voucher on the “DATE” line as shown.


  1. To file for mileage reimbursement, the claimant must submit a travel expense voucher and statement of auto travel (if applicable) to Campus Business office for review and posting. A justification for travel should be noted on voucher.
  2. Campus Business office forwards claim to Central Business where figures are checked and mileage is compared to the Suffolk County Mileage Chart.
  3. Vouchers are posted, entered into the payment system and then signed by the designated Financial Affairs Administrator.
  4. Vouchers and Statements of Auto Travel are then separated for distribution to the Budget & Finance Department.

Instructions for Completing Statement of Automobile Travel

  1. Enter “Suffolk Community College”
  2. Enter claimant’s full name
  3. Enter date of travel
  4. Enter reimbursable point of departure
  5. Enter reimbursable point of arrival
  6. Enter time of departure if in a.m.
  7. Enter time of departure if in p.m.
  8. Enter time of arrival if in a.m.
  9. Enter time of arr4-val if in p.m.
  10. Enter miles traveled on date entered
  11. Enter total miles on claim
  12. Enter current rate per mile (county uses current rate paid by IRS)
  13. Enter total dollar amount of claim (multiply total miles by rate per mile)
  14. Enter claimant’s signature

Instructions for Completing County of Suffolk- Travel Expense Voucher

  1. Enter claimant’s name and current address.
  2. Enter claimant’s Social Security number.
  3. County Dept.-Enter Suffolk Community College.
  4. Enter dates of reimbursable travel. (IF MORE THAN 10 ENTRIES, complete Statement of Automobile Travel (See Sect XXX and bring totals forward.)
  5. Enter starting point and destination.
  6. Enter time of departure.
  7. Enter time of arrival.
  8. Enter miles traveled on date of trip.
  9. Enter dollar amount of miles traveled multiplied by the current mileage rate (as paid by the IRS).
  10. Enter total miles traveled.
  11. Enter campus of claimant’s official duty station.
  12. Enter grand total of claim.
  13. Enter
  14. Enter claimant’s signature.
  15. Enter claimant’s title (such as: Professor
  16. Central Business Office enters date.
  17. Central Business Office obtains signature of Assoc. Dean of Financial Affairs.
  18. Enter correct appropriation number.