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Computer Center Frequently Asked Questions

  Application for Network User-ID (and e-mail) Download and complete the request form linked below for a network logon and/or email account. Forms are in Word. FT employees forms are processed at Human Resources - NFL Rm 125. Adjunct forms are processed through the Division of Academic & Adjunct Services, Smithtown Science Building, (T) Room 100.
  Request for Netwotk Account Activation
  No, College and Campus Briefs are distributed in MS Word format. Macintosh users should view the information on the attached link for use of viewers.
  MAC Users viewing Docs
  The best method to access the internet from home is to use an ISP - DSL or cable modem - provider. There is a dial-in connection to use the college as your ISP. This method has a connection speed of 28.8, it is very slow. SCCC currently has modems in 2 locations. To connect, choose the one that is closest to your home, use this as your primary dial-up location, and set the other up as a backup location. Call 4282 to obtain these modem numbers. The details for using this method in an XP operating system are in the link below. In order to gain access to the SCCC network you must provide the password that identifies you to the modems. This is your userid name and password for networking. Using the following link in your Internet browser (Netscape or Internet Explorer) will open your SCCC mailbox from a remote site. Same network userid and password.
  Outlook Web access
  Once you have requested and received a folder on the Web server, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) software will allow you to upload files to that folder. Please be aware that these folders are setup to allow Internet access. Anyone surfing the Web can see files placed there. If you are using an application such as WS_FTP, enter as the Host Name and your network ID in the User ID field. You may include your password and click OK or click OK and wait for the password prompt. Internet Explorer's (IE) also has an FTP feature, which can be accessed by typing in the browser's address field. You will be prompted for your network username and password.
In addition, the college provides a secure FTP for folder management when using an open network, such as our wireless network. See the SuffolkVPN link below.
  Form to Request a Web Folder
  Web Page Folder and Example Page
  Web folders are available to all employees for the purpose of publishing information to support the mission of the College. Folders are requested using the form linked below. The form is also an acknowledgement of your understanding that any files placed on this server are available to the public, and a certification that no personal, private or confidential information will be placed there.
  Request for a Web Folder
  Information Technology Policies and Guidelines - Faculty, Staff and Administrators
  World Wide Web Resource Guidelines
  Select the "View?RePrint NORA" from the menu and choose the correct semester to print.
  THE FEATURE TO POST ITEMS ON THE STUDENT CALENDAR IS USED BY COLLEGE ADMINISTRATORS/STAFF WITH PERMISSION TO DO SO. From the Intranet for Faculty/Staff follow instructions detailed in the linked file At the college homepage, from the list of Quick Links click on the Faculty Web Access If the Security Alert pops up, click OK Enter your College Email username and password and click OK Upon login you will be welcomed to the Faculty/Staff Intranet with Your name in the gold banner at the top
  Post Events on the Student Calendar
  Click on the link below.
  majordomo list information
  Word for word processing, Excel for spreadsheet activities, PowerPoint for multimedia presentations, and Access for desktop database functions. The current version used by administrators and staff is Office 2013. Other software that your office may require should be purchased and licensed by your office and installed by Desktop Services. For more information about making a service request, click on the attached link or call the Help Desk at 451-4357.
  Service Request form
  Your browser must be set to accept cookies or you will not get past the initial menu. In Internet Explorer, open the Tools menu, click Internet Options. On the Privacy tab, move the slider up for a higher level of privacy or down for a lower level of privacy. The Medium level should allow you to submit/view rosters. In Netscape, as of version 4.0, Netscape Navigator began giving you the power to control cookies. In this version (4.0 and higher), you can activate your "Cookie Alert" by pulling down the Edit menu and clicking Preferences. Click Advanced Settings at the bottom of the dialog box, and choose from the following: Accept all cookies. Accept only cookies that get sent back to the originating server. Disable cookies. Another option is for Navigator to warn you before accepting a cookie. Every time there is an incoming cookie, a dialog box will ask if you want to accept it.
  To print a page from the SCCC portal calendar with the correct formatting as seen on the web, change your browser settings: In Internet Explorer, Select >Tools >Internet Options > Advanced Scroll down to >Printing Check the box next to >Print background colors and images.
  Faculty who share an office PC must log off the PC after each use. The operating system will not allow another user to sign in until the current user has logged off. Please be considerate of your colleagues when using office PCs. If you cannot locate your office mate to have them sign off, please call the Help Desk at 451-4357 and have them assist you.
  This may occurs if you have installed software on your home PC to block pop ups when in your internet browser. Hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard when clicking the word reply and you can proceed.
  Click below.
  View Additional Information
  Faculty and staff network passwords expire every 120 days. College users who only use the password to access mail using the Outlook Web client do not receive notification of the expiration since the program is controlled by the Web client. Sign in to the Faculty Staff Intranet - link below. Notice of expired password will pop up here and direct users to the password reset screen. Also See the Changing Your Password link for more detailed instructions.
Upon reset, users can open mailboxes as well.
  Faculty Staff Intranet
  Changing your Password