IT Service Request Forms

Application for Network User-ID (and e-mail)

All requests for a Network ID can be made by using the Directory Adds, Moves and Changes form available under "Employee Forms" in the Portal. 

To view the policies governing network access, visit the college's IT Guidelines and Policies Page.

IT Account Termination or Transfer

Supervisors should use this form to request termination of Network and Portal privileges, E-mail Account, Banner Account, and Telephone privileges and to indicate the need for retrieval of College property. Please complete this form along with the Directory Adds, Moves and Changes form available under "Employee Forms" in the Portal

Desktop Service Request Form

This form is to be used for all requests pertaining to College Computer Hardware and Software maintenance and upgrades.

Visitor Request for Temporary Network Access for non-College Equipment

Not for Use by SCCC Employees or Students.

Computer Request worksheet

To review the process for purchasing PC's visit the college's PC Purchasing Policy Page.

Request for the Connection of a Student Computing Facility to the College Network (SCCCNet)

Use this form to request an SCCCNet connection for a student computing facility, to provide students access to the Internet, email, and Intranet services.

Guidelines for Implementing Departmental Computing Systems or Applications

Use this form to plan an implementation of a department-based computer application. The form must be included with any request for central support if any is needed for the implementation or operation of the application.

IT Project Request Form

All data projects must be described on a project request form prior to being considered for implementation. Dependent upon its scope, projects will required different approval levels. The form is available for download it here. An overview of the project description and review phase is shown here.

STF Project Proposal Form

The Student Technology Fee budget may include limited funds to support new projects. These funds are best used for an initial purchase or implementation of a student-based project. Ongoing funds would normally need to be assumed under a department budget. The forms are accepted in November and projects evaluated for inclusion in the budget request for the following year. Please note: This form is to request funding. Projects that require IT support also need to be requested and approved through the process that governs its particular technology..

Banner Access Request Forms

Forms are available on the Employee Forms tab in MySCCC. A list of mainframe functions and their Banner equivalents can be downloaded here.

Banner Xtender/Document Imaging:

You will need to use the Banner Access Request Form available on the Employee Forms tab in MySCCC to request access to Xtender.

Department Share Folder Request Form

College staff should download and complete this form to request CIS to create a Share folder.

Request Form to Change a Department Share Folder

College staff should download and complete this form to request CIS to change a Share folder.

Request for SCCC Licensee Photo ID Card

This form is to be distributed to new employees and processed by the licensee's executive officer, manager, or supervisor per the instructions listed on the form.