The College's Michael J Grant Campus in Brentwood has been selected as the venue for a speech by President Donald Trump on the subject of MS-13 gang violence, this coming Friday, July 28th. The speech will take place in the VanNostrand Theatre and is scheduled for Friday afternoon. Please note that the audience is restricted to invited members of law enforcement and the media, with all invitations being handled by the White House. Due to traffic conditions, you are encouraged to avoid the area. Please click here for further information.

A Safe Campus Is Everyone’s Responsibility

Why does Crime Occur?

Crime occurs when there is a crime triangle consisting of: desire, ability and opportunity. A person may “want” to commit a crime, and have the “ability” to commit a crime. Our goal is to deny them the “opportunity”, when opportunity is taken away, then no crime can be committed. There are steps that can be taken by public safety as well as the college community to prevent crime.

Crime prevention is defined as “the anticipation, the recognition, and the appraisal of a crime risk and implementation of steps to decrease or eliminate it.  Crime prevention is the responsibility of the entire SCCC college community. Each member of the college community is an extra set of ears and eyes. Any incident observed by any member of the college community should be reported immediately to a patrol unit or by call Public Safety. To aid the reporting of emergencies or incidents on campus, the college has “Safe Haven” emergency telephones inside and outside the buildings and blue light phones along walkways to parking fields. All patrol vehicles have the number to their campuses public safety office, see home page for phone numbers and locations.

Crime can never be completely prevented. Our goal is to encourage everyone to take steps to protect themselves and their property. When safety tips are followed we can reduce the opportunity for crime to occur, on as well as off campus.